For a Limited time you will get a Free 1 User Kasperskey Antivirus when you bring your computer to do the Virus removal from Ultracomputer located at 50 Sunnyvale Gate, Unit #16, Brampton, Ontario

Are you experiencing any of the following issues with you computer? 

  • Computer is running very slow and take a while to loading up 
  • Strange software is asking you for your credit card information or activate or signup 
  • Programs you didn’t install are starting to appear
  • Windows popping up from nowhere
  • Your web browser keeps taking you to a website you didn’t intend to visit or your homepage has changed
  • You can’t run some of your programs (usually anti-virus or system tools) due to a strange error
  • You have been a victim of identity theft recently



Terms and Condition 
1 user Kasperskey Antivirus only
 1 Year Subscription Only
 We will install and activate your licence-(No CD) 
 While quantities last
 Limited Time Only
 No  cash value 
Not transferable